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Actually a question for you guys

it’s not to open a debate or argument (please don’t)

What is the reason(s) you liked about THIS raid?

As for me, I liked it because each wing is different: It’s filled with bad puns/jokes (cat lady for example), each has different fight mechanics, XT’s voice is hilarious,  Flash Gordon travel ship, and the designs inside is gorgeous.

I always loved Ulduar because of HOW the hard modes were activated. You don’t just flip your raid difficulty to heroic and then shit hits harder, you literally had to pull off some crazy shit mid fight to activate hard modes and I truly miss that.

Ulduar had a certain majesty to it. Beautiful architecture, larger-than-life in both design and content at the time, and I loved the story of it,too. It’s still one of my favorite raids. 

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