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30 Days of Warcraft - Day 6

We’re going to pretend I’m not actually a day late on this. *innocent whistle*

Day 6 – Favorite dungeon and why?

The only way for me to answer this question is to break it into categories; otherwise you’re just going to get a list.

Favorite 5-man instance: Halls of Reflection. Yeah, I know, it SUCKED to go in there with a pug. But the story of it, the drama of it—I loved it. The running away bit? Brilliant.

Favorite BC raid: Karazhan. Not only was Kara where I cut my raiding teeth, it was also like raiding an arcane funhouse. What’s not to like?

Favorite Wrath raid: Ulduar. Yeah, Ulduar. I learned a lot about myself as a player and about raiding in general during Ulduar. Why not ICC? Because I spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours in ICC. I loved ICC when we started, and I like the idea of it now, but I got really sick of it before the xpac was over. 


Favorite Cata raid: Dragon Soul. I took a break from the game after major drama in the first half of Cata and personal stuff in my life. I came back halfway through Firelands, and I felt lost the whole time. I was behind the curve both in gear and in fight experience, and I knew it. By DS, I had my feet under me again. My only disappointment is that Deathwing seemed like kind of a chump; not at all the big dragon battle I was expecting. 

Favorite MoP raid (so far): Mogu’shan. It’s Elegon. I love that fight. I love the shiny dragon, I love the mechanics, I love my “sweet spot,” I love Draw Power. etc. etc. Plus, it’s MSV is just a cool place. I could do without Will of the Emperor, though. If the instance ended with Elegon, it would be perfect.


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