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FC Online Marketing hired Tara Costa to be a fitness representative. They are now suing her, claiming that she gained (yes, this is a quote): “in my opinion, about 45 pounds.” They also claim that they had to cancel fitness appearances because she had gained too much weight. 

This is the picture she took today at the NYC Triathlon, which you can verify through event listings and the Triathlon’s Twitter page. 

She posted on her Facebook page a little while ago that she broke down today, saying “The words that have been spoken about me have hurt.”

This is ridiculous, and while it sounds like her lawyer is handling this well, I think Tara could use a show of support. 

What do you say, Tumblr? Can we tell FC Online Marketing that we’re not buying their load of crap? 


NY Daily News story:

Tara’s FB Page:

FC Online Marketing’s homepage:

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