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YouTube Transcript Function…AHAHA.

Looking at the video I posted yesterday, I noticed that there is a transcript function, so I read it. 

Yeah, I don’t know what video YouTube was watching, but it wasn’t this one!

Next time I’ll make my own captions. lol


0:02 I do what are you doing right now

0:05 me cream playing a paladin

0:10 that your Palin down

0:13 this found was the first me

0:17 me once you have it will level the less you have an at any level the now

0:22 each time I set something up Lana Palin

0:26 yeah how do you play at Jalan

0:29 my yes

0:32 from 23 more and what happens

0:35 you kill people see this mass buns and and things I’m

0:39 that same plan Fallon di Udine

0:43 now have hung send

0:47 my morning okay

0:51 year hair hi

0:55 health complaints known yep

0:58 0 from

1:02 d like to feel like you Palin

1:06 young yeah would you like a manner max

1:11 fourth him says school year

1:15 at school I

1:19 me tell everybody by my think he’ll US

1:22 I think year

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