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A Little Thing Like Shoes

So. I posted on Twitter and Facebook today about an interesting thing that happened.

My daughter came home from school and said, “My friend at school gave me shoes.”

"What do you mean, she gave you shoes?"

"She gave me shoes because I have boy shoes."

We talked about this, and I asked her, “Did you want girlier shoes before she said something?”

"I didn’t really give it any thought," she said.

I am extremely uncomfortable with this child enforcing her rules on my daughter. I am even more upset that now my daughter feels awkward and inferior because of this child. 

My friends on Facebook and Twitter gave me some suggestions, and ultimately, this is what I decided:

1. To send an email to my daughter’s teacher, asking her if she knew that this was happening and also to help me figure out if the child’s parents know she’s giving away her shoes!

2. To return the shoes with a kind but direct letter: “Thank you for being generous, but we can’t accept these shoes. We believe every person gets to the chance to choose their own style and that it doesn’t need to be like anyone else’s. Thanks, though!”

Is that too much? 

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