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We’re #1

"This is the team you were telling me about?"

"Yes, ma’am. Bunch of shinin’ stars, ain’t they?"

Andrea looked out at the practicing players and cringed. She watched as the pitcher threw a ball that rolled between the batter’s feet, leading the batter to take a golf-club style swing which he somehow managed to miss by three inches.

"You said you guys were the best in the league?" Andrea asked, watching a new batter swing, clip the ball, and stare at it when it fell next to his left foot.

"Yes ma’am," Charlie answered, beaming. "Quite proud of that!"

"Is there any way I could see the other teams?"

"Why, sure, our greatest competition is right next door." Charlie led the way around a long, covered fence to a field attached to the one from which they had come. On the other side was a similar group of players.

Andrea watched as this team’s batter somehow got confused about where to stand and got pegged in the hip by an incoming ball. It took three more tries for a hit, which popped straight up and landed right in the pitcher’s glove.

"Are there any other teams?"

"Yeah, but they’re no where near the level we are." Andrea found that impossible to believe until she rounded the fence into the next practice field.

"Charlie, these are children.”

"Yup, but they try real hard."

"When you said you guys were the best in the league, this isn’t exactly what I expected. You say you’ve got a really strong team, so why don’t you play against…well, better teams?"

"Well, ma’am, if we did that, we wouldn’t be number one anymore."

"I see."

"So what do you think, Miss Andrea, will y’all sponsor us?"

"I’ll have to get back to you. Do you have my number?"

"No ma’am."


[A] <Chi Cerca Trova> Durotan -- 10/14H 25m LF DPS

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