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25-Man Casual Progression Guild Recruiting

Hey, everyone!

My guild, Chi Cerca Trova on Alliance-side, Durotan-US is recruiting, especially healers. 

We raid 25-man casual progression Mon-Weds 8:30-11:30p.m. EST, currently 6/6 MSV normal and 5/6 HoF. 

We are mostly adults 20+, and we look for players who are mature, show up to raid prepared (gemmed, enchanted, reforged, flasked, repaired, having read the strat, etc.), and want to kill bosses.

At the same time, we also look for players who understand that there are times when people will have to sit out of the raid for one reason or another, that we take breaks for kid and spouse aggro, and that we don’t expect players to be perfect (but trying to be perfect doesn’t hurt… :-P).

If you’re looking for a raid group and CCT sounds like a good fit, apply to our guild forums or send me a message here or in-game (Ambermist#1266) if you have any questions.


"Hey, Vile, this is Amber, can I get a ginvite when you have a sec?"

"Hiya, Boom, I’m sending you a message on Facebook to ask if my friend can get in the guild."

"Drel, is there any way I could get some Essences from the gbank? I need to get my bracers made."

Yeah, all true stories. All from me. All within the last two months.

I love you guys, I really do. lol.


And this chart is missing these, too:

  • "Why aren’t we doing <insert boss here> on heroic yet?"
  • "Can we do some achievements?"
  • "We should just do these on 10-mans."

Looking for a New Guild Home?

Chi Cerca Trova of Durotan (US) is recruiting!

CCT has been a raiding guild since it was founded 7 years ago, and is one of the longest-standing guilds on the server. We just started Heroic Dragon Soul (25-man) and are looking for experienced, committed players to raid with our team.

What CCT is: 

  • A mature guild (we prefer raiders 18+).
  • Dedicated to raiding
  • Aware that RL > WoW
  • Distributing loot through a rotating loot council
  • Full of mains and alts with lots of opportunities to join groups and raids
  • Honest, helpful players, who bring their a-game and expect everyone else to, as well
  • Sarcasm, jokes, one-liners, generally pantless, and that’s what she said

What CCT is not:

  • here to help you gear up to go somewhere else
  • okay with you signing on, showing up when you want to, and disappearing without notice
  • coddling anyone
  • standing in the fire…every time
  • friendly to “loot whores”

We want mature, dedicated raiders who have the experience and gear to progress with us as we finish out Cataclysm and move into Mists of Pandaria.

If this sounds like you and you want more information, contact me here through the “Ask” function or apply by posting to our forums with this form.

No Shows

Our raid was cancelled Tuesday because we were missing a bunch of people, far more than those that actually unsigned from our raid. We started late yesterday and couldn’t do Heroic Morchok for the same reason.

I’m only not raging because my Sniper hit 50 anyway. 

If you’re going to commit to raid, do it. If not, tell everyone you’re done. You can guarantee our officers are going to recruit over your spot anyway; you might as well break up with us the proper way…

with chocolate and cash.

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