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So, As I Tweeted Earlier…

I’m up to eyeballs in things to write, so my regular blog hasn’t been getting an awful lot of action. I’m resurrecting this Tumblr because some things are too long to Tweet but too short to post.

Like this:

Fellow moonkin, what numbers are you seeing on Wind Lord? Raid Bots parses us at 132k for 25N, but I’m not quite hitting 120k on my very best attempts.

The best results came when I popped Inc and went into Solar in the beginning, dotted a couple, and use Hurricane. When I was almost out of mana, I targeted whichever group was highest on health and multidotted and nuked through Eclipses (using Starfall as you would normally), then using Hurricane when I made it back to Solar.

Thoughts? What are you guys doing differently?

I am just over the 4pc 3.7k breakpoint and itemized to Crit otherwise. I’m talented into Inc & NV.


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