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Something Something PATCH DAY

It wouldn’t be Patch Day without a blog post! - Something Something PATCH DAY

Pre-Script: I still get a lot of traffic from the Noobkin to Boomkin days, so if you play a moonkin and you’re out looking for info for Patch 6.0 & WoD, here are a couple of resources to get you headed in the right direction: Icy-Veins Balance Druid Guide 6.0, Wrath Calcs, Cyous’s explanation of Sine-Wave Eclipse on Sentry Totem. Good luck out there! 

Good morning, men and women of Azeroth. How…

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So, As I Tweeted Earlier…

I’m up to eyeballs in things to write, so my regular blog hasn’t been getting an awful lot of action. I’m resurrecting this Tumblr because some things are too long to Tweet but too short to post.

Like this:

Fellow moonkin, what numbers are you seeing on Wind Lord? Raid Bots parses us at 132k for 25N, but I’m not quite hitting 120k on my very best attempts.

The best results came when I popped Inc and went into Solar in the beginning, dotted a couple, and use Hurricane. When I was almost out of mana, I targeted whichever group was highest on health and multidotted and nuked through Eclipses (using Starfall as you would normally), then using Hurricane when I made it back to Solar.

Thoughts? What are you guys doing differently?

I am just over the 4pc 3.7k breakpoint and itemized to Crit otherwise. I’m talented into Inc & NV.


Don’t Mind Me, I’m Ranting

I said I would never ever main change. I said my druid would be my main forever.

I’m taking that back. I no longer make any promises.

I am sick and tired of failing at moonkin. I’m tired of making one mistake and screwing up my dps for the entire fight. I’m tired of feeling like a complete slouch when I end a fight at the bottom of the meter despite being in perfectly good gear and spec.

It makes me not even want to show up. I show up anyway. I change something, I work on something, I see improvements outside of the raid, and then I step into the instance and it’s like a veil of idiocy overcomes me. I don’t get it. I’m tired of trying to get it.

I won’t change spec or main this late in the expansion, but all bets are off for Mists. 

At this point, anything’s better than this.

So Long, Legendary

I can’t pretend I’ll see that orange staff before Mists of Pandaria is released anymore. The facts are against me.

  • No one wants to be in Firelands anymore, and I can’t really blame them.
  • I can’t raid reliably on off nights, at least not if I want my marriage to stay in tact (and I do…).
  • There are two people in front of me for the staff. It will take another 2-3 weeks to finish the stage I’m on, then another 6-8 for the next stage once I actually get my turn to do it. Two-and-a-half months from now, when we’re all playing the MoP beta, people will care even less than they do now. And again, I can’t blame them.

I’m disappointed, but it’s fair. I came back in halfway through Firelands. I should be thankful I got as far into it as I did, really. 

My former guild (shout out to <Ephemera>!) is awesome about running old content to help people out, so maybe when we’ve all settled into Mists, they’d be willing to help me finish it off. I want to see it completed.

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