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Oh, Bugs in Eternity Vault, How Marvelously Horrible You Are

We have the worst luck.

We cleared the bosses up to Soa in less than an hour. Flawless victory.

Bugs we encountered over the next hour:

  • The Floor Bug, in which pieces of the floor disappear between attempts. Usually we reset the instance, but someone ran in too early once. We tried it anyway and died to missing platforms.
  • The Falling Through the Floor Bug, in which our tank hops down from the ledge and falls through the platform entirely.
  • The Disappearing Pyramid Bug, which happens when the pyramid suddenly disappears while positioning the boss beneath it.
  • The Where Did You Guys Go Bug which renders half of the dps useless as they’re somehow teleported to some special hell where they can see everything except the rest of the group and the boss. Oh, and they can’t move. If they try, they get pulled back to where they were. 
  • The BOSS RESETTING AT 3% WITH 8 PEOPLE STILL ALIVE Bug, which deserves caps because IT REALLY PISSED ME OFF.

And a couple of times we just had bad luck with Mind Traps popping up on the other side of the room at transition.

We did manage to get him down, thank goodness. I don’t think I would have been a very nice person if we spent all that time in there without killing him.

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